The Best Home BBQ – Weber One Touch Platinum Charcoal Grill

It’s no secret that gas grills outsell their charcoal counterparts at an incredible rate these days. People like having the convenience of temperature control in addition to being able to start their cooking process right away. But there will always be those who hang on to the tradition of using charcoal matter how hard you try to convince them. If you happen to be in this camp and are looking for the best charcoal grill for your backyard and home, then you might find your answer in the Weber One Touch Platinum. Weber is one touch line is one of the most popular across America and as you get higher in each price range you get more features and added convenience. The platinum is at the top of the heap in the one touch line, and if you have the money to spend there is simply one of the best charcoal grills around. It’s a no-nonsense way to enjoy a backyard barbecue while adding to the overall decor of your home as well. In addition to delivering delicious food like a dream, it looks exactly how a true charcoal grill should look and will enhance any backyard.

Weber One Touch Platinum Charcoal Grill

Weber One Touch Platinum Charcoal Grill from

The great thing about using charcoal as opposed to gas is the authentic taste you get, and the ability to vary your routine a bit. With a gas model things are more straightforward and barbecue rookies appreciate that fact. But if you want to interject a bit of your own personality in addition to fully utilizing the most authentic way to cook around, then nothing really beats charcoal. The advantage of buying a Weber portable charcoal grill is that you can also get their wonderful rotisserie accessory which effectively turns your charcoal grill into an outdoor oven. Keep in mind the rotisserie is an entirely different product that will likely cost you a touch over $100, but it fits perfectly with this platinum model and gives you the added value of being able to cook larger roasts and racks of ribs.

The Weber One Touch Platinum is solidly constructed and if you maintain it properly it will have a lifespan that rivals even the best gas grills on the market. You can always choose to buy a paper cover for your barbecue, but you can also rest assured that this Weber charcoal grill boasts a weatherproof design that means it will survive the few times a year when you forget to wheedle it into your garage. Overall, this barbecue will make a welcome addition to any home and it’s the type of backyard grill that will be responsible for many wonderful family memories.

Tip of the Day:

Just like you protect your grill with a cover, you should protect your outdoor furniture with patio furniture covers, too.  There are many stylish prints available now that will keep your outdoor furniture looking like new!

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