Ceiling Fans: How To Fix Common Problems

Ceiling fans are still very common among households despite huge leaps in heating and cooling systems technology at present. It remains as a great addition in regulating temperatures in our homes … cooling rooms and patios during hot summer days or warming them during cold winter periods. While helping reduce energy costs, they also complement the decorations of our place.

When they fail, particularly outdoor ceiling fans which are exposed to the outside elements, the solution is quite easy. For the most part, you may not need to call in a repairman. Here are three of the most common ceiling fan problems and how they can be easily fixed.

You will notice that the first step for each problem is to turn off the circuit breaker for the fan – DO NOT skip this step!  If you want to make sure the electric current is really off before touching any wiring, use an electrical current tester and touch the end of the wires before attempting your repair – it will beep if there is still electric current present.

Problem 1: Outdoor ceiling fans with light stops working.

How to fix it:

•  Turn off the circuit breaker.
•  Check the switch and the fuse box.
•  Unscrew the two wires from the terminals.
•  Straighten the wire ends with long nose pliers, twist them together and screw a wire nut over the twisted wires.
•  Turn the circuit back and see if the fan and the light works.

Note:  If your ceiling fans with lights still don’t work, it’s time to call in the specialist.

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Problem 2: Wobbling ceiling fan

How to fix it:

•  Turn off the circuit breaker.
•  If the ceiling fan is close to a stud, remove the fan from the ceiling.
•  Place a wooden ceiling fan block in the ceiling.
•  Attach the fan to the wooden fan block and tighten all screws to make them stable.

Note:  If bracket is used, connect the box by using U-bolts or lag screws. Tighten them securely.

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Problem 3: Replacing ceiling fan blade

How to fix it:

•  Turn off the circuit breaker.
•  Remove each blade by unscrewing its three screws.
•  To know if the blades have warped, stack them together in a row.
•  Check for areas of light between two of the blades.
•  Areas of light will be seen if they do not sit perfectly flat on each other.
•  The blades that have warped would need to be replaced so they will turn smoothly when the fan is in operation.

Over time, fan blades may warp due to humidity. So it’s best to regularly clean them with a damp wash cloth.

Fixing these common problems that can plague ceiling fans can be quick and easy, as you can see. Even Hunter ceiling fans, Hampton Bay ceiling fans and other good quality fans may develop problems over time, so it really pays to have a little know-how so you can fix it yourself, which just happens to be The Home DIY Site motto!

The Home DIY Site Tip of the Day:

Help your ceiling fan do its job by utilizing proper window treatments for sliding glass doors and other windows in your home, as well as by installing window tinting.  Both of these measures will help keep heat entering your home to a minimum – and you will save money on your heating and cooling bills, too!

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