How To Maintain And Increase The Life Of Your Pine Furniture

With using pine furniture at home comes with the knowledge that it is delicate and deliberate efforts must be made to ensure its long usage time. Maintaining and increasing the usage time of this type of furniture can be done using simple steps that can be very effective.

The first and most important of these is that this type of furniture should never be placed in areas that are prone to high levels of humidity or any other forms of moisture. This does not allow for the placing of such furniture in rooms that are wet throughout for example the bathroom and the kitchen. The main material that is used to manufacture this type of furniture is pine wood and it is proven to be a bad reactor with water since it splits after long periods of exposure to wetness.

Also related to temperature is the fact that maintaining pine furniture in its natural state requires that it is not placed in rooms that have high temperature. For instance, placing a set of drawers that are made of pine wood next to a cooker in the kitchen will lead to Pine Console Tabletheir almost immediate damage. This is because too much heat and harsh rays of the sun cause the furniture to crack and later break. In some instances, shrinking of the furniture is possible and this alters the initial measurement specifications.

Another way to maintain and increase the usage time of pine furniture would be to polish it with wood veneer or wax. In its natural rustic state, this type of furniture is prone to scratching and bumps that appear on it may lead to the easy cracking of the entire piece. To avoid this, it is recommendable to polish the surface of the furniture on a regular basis as it also help with blocking the effects of moisture and heat from taking root.

When cleaning pine furniture, water should not be used since it will eventually cause damage to the wood. One way to maintain this type of furniture would be to use oil based products such as murphy oil or lemon oils. In addition to using this, ordinary soap should not be used in the cleaning process and instead, Murphy’s Oil Soap should be the preferred detergent.

In case of damage of pine furniture from scratches, repairs should be done immediately to prevent an entire piece from breaking up. This can be achieved by using a sand paper to soften the scratches then wood veneer can be applied to seal the damage.

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