Seashell Bathroom Décor: Give Bathroom Walls a Touch of the Sea

When you are working to give your bathroom a seashell theme, the first thing you must accomplish is the walls. Take note that no matter how many seashell bathroom decor pieces you have inside, you cannot give the bathroom the complete look of the beach without doing the walls. Just like any other home decoration task, painting the walls is always part of the process.

The good news for you is that working on the walls of the bathroom is not that hard. In fact, you can do this task yourself. What you only have to do is prepare the necessary materials and you are good to go for this task. Hence, to get yourself started here, get blue and beige paints, real seashells, and hot glue. If you can reach the ocean easily, schedule a trip to gather seashells of different sizes and shapes. Otherwise, purchase seashells from local shops.

Once ready, begin painting the upper half of the bathroom walls with blue. This will represent the color of the sea and the sky. Then, paint the lower half with beige. If you wish, you can use light brown instead. Both these colors represent the sand in the beach so any color will be great for the walls. When the paint has dried, you can work on gluing the shells on the walls. You need to arrange the shells in a straight line where the blue and the beige meet. If you want to accomplish a natural appearance, glue different sizes, shapes, and colors of shells on the walls. On the other hand, if you want a modern look, glue identical shells following the line on the wall.

Preparing the bathroom walls to accommodate a seashell theme is very easy. You can change the colors of the walls depending on your preference. However, it is always better to stick with the colors of the beach for a smoother and natural seashell bathroom appeal.

If you are always looking for new bathroom design ideas, then definitely give this seashell theme a try.  It is sure to give your spirits a lift every time you see it!

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