Basement Crack Repair: A Must For A Safe Home

Every home needs a strong foundation. The stability of its foundation will tell how long a house can stand. It should be strong enough to support the weight of the whole house. It should also be built well to withstand natural events and calamities. The changes in weather alone can already affect the foundation. They cause the concrete foundation to expand and contract. During cool weather, concrete expands. Hot and warm weather causes the concrete to contract. Natural calamities like earthquakes will certainly shake any foundation. It is therefore necessary to have the most stable and best foundation for your house.  No matter how strong your foundation is, at some point in the life of every home with a basement there will be a need for basement crack repair.

Check your basement regularly to foresee arising problems. The earlier cracks are detected, the easier it would be to repair them. Cracks are not only bothersome at one’s sight. They can also be causes of greater problems. Cracks in the basement usually cause

Basement Crack Repair Kit

Basement Crack Repair Kit from

water seepage. It can put your home at risk for mold, mildew, and general water damage.

For large cracks which are larger than six millimeters, you may need professional help. You can surely handle by yourself cracks that are three millimeters thick. Basement crack repair can be done easily. You can purchase basement crack repair kits and have everything you need. The kits come with a CD that will teach you how to do the whole repair. Basement crack repair costs can be drastically reduced by using these DIY kits. You can also buy items you need individually in local hardware stores. Widen the crack to have enough room for filling agent to repair. Level out the filling agent and sand it when it is completely dry. Foundation crack repair can also be done using mortar- based or filling-type agent. Mortar-based is used for dry repairs and filling-type is used for wet basement repairs. Use these filling agents using the same process above.

One important thing to note about doing DIY basement crack repair: Always remove children and pets from the environment before the work is done.  The reason for this is some of the substances used in this process can be toxic, and children and pets are always more susceptible than adults to fumes.  Use adequate ventilation and proper protection from the fumes for yourself, also!

Doing the necessary crack repair and foundation crack repair, will let you rest assured that you are safe in your sweet fortress.

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