Baby Comforters and Baby Bedding Options

When shopping for baby comforters, there are two main types of baby bedding people can buy; those made exclusively for cribs and those that can transition from crib to toddler bed. A baby bedding set is one where the comforter, bumper pads, crib sheet and other bedding products are included. Mobiles, wallpaper, pictures and other accessories, in a print matching the comforter, may also be available.

These items are ideal for new baby purchases, as by the time the comforter needs replacing, the baby will be ready for a single comforter. A baby comforter sold by itself is able to serve as a big boys or girls bedding comforter and can easily last until it is time to transition into a twin bed.

How to Protect Your Baby Bedding

Baby comforters are colorful and decorative, but do have one shortfall they generally tend to all be composed of one material. Whether the baby uses the comforter at night as a top blanket, or at night as a bottom blanket (to insulate the crib sheet), comforters may not keep a baby warm enough when temperatures drop. One solution to locate a comforter cover. Comforter covers, also known as duvets, can be made from any type of material cotton ribbed knits, flannel, microfiber fleece and are designed to function in two capacities.

First, the duvets serve as a way to protect comforters. Most kids bedding can benefit from being protected from spills and nighttime accidents. Because they are removable, should anything spill or stain the duvet, it can easily be unzipped or unbuttoned, and washed. This also helps extend the life of the comforter, keeping it free from possible tears, stains, fading and other hazards. Next, duvets serve as a way to make a comforter quick-change. Should the babys room need painting, if you move to another location, or if just want to give your baby some new dcor, a duvet addition means parents do not have to invest in unnecessary comforter purchases.

Make Your Own Baby Bedding Duvet

Shoppers may have a difficult time purchasing a baby duvet cover, as most duvets are made for full sized comforters and beyond. If handy with sewing or if there is a local alterations shop nearby, parents can easily have a duvet fashioned for their childs crib or toddler bed comforter. Simply purchase warmer weather fabric, enough for the front, back, sides and zipper opening and a zipper. It is that easy and very inexpensive to make. The end result will yield a duvet your child will appreciate. Best of all, remember to make one for warmer weather, as that will also help stretch your bedding dollars by preserving your comforters life.

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