Looking After Antique Leather Chairs

Buying antique leather chairs can be pretty expensive. You will be able to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand on a good antique leather armchair, so if you are going to be spending this amount of money you are going to want to know how to take good care of it to get the most use out of it as possible. Leather has been getting used to make furniture for thousands for years and if you look after it properly it can last for many years.

Though there is a difference between looking after new leather and old leather. New leather is going to have all of the essential oils still inside it which keeps is nice and soft. As leather gets older these oils need to be replaced or else it will dry out and crack. The first thing you need to think about is the type of leather that you have. The leather that comes from cows comes in a number of different types and grades, for example cow and calf leather are different, then you also have sheep, goat, buffalo and many other exotic animal skins. If you buy a leather cleaner in a bottle make sure that it is suited to the leather that you own.

You could make up your own leather cleaner mix with 2 parts linseed oil, this will add moisture and one part white vinegar this is usable on most leathers. You can use Neat’s foot oil in place of the linseed oil too. Sometimes you will only need to remove a stain. What you use to get rid of it depends on the stains, but toothpaste will work a lot of the time. Ink stains can also be removed using a nail polish remover. Alcohol and water will remove mildew and its stains quite well. With any of the above solutions you should apply with a lint free cloth.

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