Tips for Keeping your Guest Room Ready – Even if You Don’t Have an Air Bed

Many homes have their spare rooms meant for guests but some people find themselves still unprepared when a guest suddenly arrives asking to stay for the night. Here are some tips to make your guest bedroom always ready for the unexpected.

Guest bedrooms are always being ignored when it comes to cleaning time just because the room is usually closed or locked. Don’t make your guest bedroom as such. You don’t need to clean your guest bedroom as much as you clean the rest of your house but make sure that you still include the room in your daily cleaning. A couple of swipes of your broom will be enough to maintain the cleanliness of your guest bedroom. Afterwards, a quick dust-off with your duster will also be enough to keep the furniture dust free. Don’t spend more than ten minutes when doing quick cleaning of your guest bedroom. That way, you will still have enough energy to do your daily cleaning task for the areas in your home which is more often being used. If you have a raised air bed in the room, make sure it is always inflated and ready to go.  By the way, air beds, such as in Intex air bed, is a great idea also for those who

Intex Air Bed

Intex Air Bed from

don’t have a dedicated spare room.  To decide which one might be best for you, read lots of air bed reviews online and them only buy from a retailer that has a great return policy in case you decide you don’t like it.

Let your guest bedroom be opened once daily. If you can’t let the door open, then open the windows inside the room instead. This will keep the mold and dew from developing inside your guest bedroom. These elements grow when the room is always dark and cold. Letting the air in will keep the molds away and free out that old smell a room gets when not being used for a long time.

You may not change the sheets of your guest bed as often as you change the sheets inside your bedroom. But don’t forget that you still need to change your guest bedroom linens at least once every two months if your room is left untouched. Bed sheets still get dirty from dust even if they are not being used and the dust which accumulates because of inactivity inside your guest bedroom will be enough to contaminate the room and make it unhygienic for your guest to stay.

Fluff the pillows inside your guest bedroom once monthly to let the air seep through the sheets and the pillow’s inner parts. Fluffing your pillows will let the dusts out and then reshape the pillow to its original shape. Do the same with the mattress to let the fresh air in and the dusts out. Some insects and tiny organisms live in mattresses when they are being untouched or moved for a long time. Quick checking your beddings and mattresses will keep them fresh and free from harmful organisms.

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