Top 4 DIY Above Ground Pool Cleaning Tips

Owning a private pool can both be a luxury and a burden. Having your own pool would mean that you have access to it 24/7 without worrying about how crowded it could get. After a hard day’s work, you can relax by the poolside with a cold lemonade on hand. However, owning a pool also means that you have to spend a lot on its maintenance, both in terms of money and time. We are talking water treatment, electricity and of course, cleaning. Most people seem to think that to have their pools properly cleaned they have to hire expensive workmen. That really is not be the case however, if you know and follow a few simple rules and tips about DIY above ground pool cleaning.

First, there are essentially two types of pool, above ground and inground. In this article, we will be talking about some above ground pool cleaning tips, but they also apply to ingound pools, if that is the type you have or are thinking about getting.

Top 4 Above Ground Pool Cleaning Tips:

  1. Daily attention is mandatory. When maintaining an above ground pool, make sure that you take a few minutes a day to add chlorine to your water. This would help save you from tons of work later on. It will not take long, and you will thank yourself later.
  2. Make sure that you have good water circulation and a balanced water pH in your pool. Water stasis could lead to growth of unsightly bacteria, and a great way to combat this is by having a good pool pump and regular chlorination.  Good above ground pool pumps cost anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the size of your pool.  Some above ground pool kits come equipped with the correct size pump for the pool you buy.

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  3. Have a pool testing kit on hand. This will not cost you much, just around fifteen dollars or so. Regular checking would mean three times a week if the pool is being actively used, and once a week if not. The kit comes with a set of instructions that are very easy to follow, and will tell you exactly what you should do depending on the outcome of the pool water testing.
  4. Get an automatic above ground pool vacuum. These vacuums are not expensive, and they continuously sweep the bottom of the pool to keep debris picked up.  They will not hurt above ground pool liners, in case you are worried about that.  You just leave the vacuum running whenever you are not in the pool; when you return for a refreshing dip, the pool will be sparkling clean and ready for you, your family, and friends to have some serious summer swimming pool fun!

    Above Ground Pool Vacuum

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Inground pool cleaning might prove to be more expensive than above ground pool cleaning, but they do not differ by much by way of effort. Heed these above ground pool cleaning tips and you will never go wrong.

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